Frequently Asked Questions

What is olive?

What’s covered?

How much $$$?

What qualifies?

What is olive coverage?

What is olive mechanical breakdown coverage?

Insurance covers accidents and fender benders. olive™ covers vehicle breakdowns. Our mechanical breakdown coverage takes care of vehicle failures including your engine, transmission, and everything else that keeps your vehicle moving. See a full list of covered items here!

How does mechanical breakdown coverage work?

When a vehicle breakdown occurs, visit your automotive service provider to receive highquality repairs! Then contact an olive Coverage Advocate at 833-654-8322. Simply pay your deductible and any non-covered items and let olive handle the rest. Learn how to file a claim here!

What’s covered?

Is labour covered?

olive covers the cost of both parts and labour so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got it covered. 

How much do I pay?

Do I pay a deductible per each item repaired in one visit to a repair facility?

No. As long as it’s the same visit, you only have to pay the deductible a single time.

How much is the deductible?

With olive, you’re in the driver’s seat. Choose your deductible based on how much you want your monthly payment to be. Explore your options and see your price

How much is an olive mechanical breakdown coverage plan?

Your monthly price will depend on your vehicle and mileage. With multiple coverage and deductible options, olive offers a plan to fit your budget. See your price 100% online in 90 seconds or less!

Can I have additional non-covered items repaired while my vehicle is being serviced for olive covered repairs?

Absolutely! Anything outside of olive‘s covered repairs will just need to be paid out of pocket by you. 

If my vehicle needs to be towed to a service center, will olive cover the tow bill?

olive can reimburse you for up to $100 each time your vehicle has an eligible repair visit. 

How much will I save if I purchase an olive coverage plan for my vehicle?

With over 30,000 parts in a vehicle, the possibilities of expensive repairs are endless! For example, the average cost of an engine replacement can be over $5,000. Not to mention repair costs for transmission failures, driveshafts, suspension, and electrical components can quickly add up.

To sum up: olive could save you a lot of money in the long run.  

Does my vehicle qualify?

How do I know if my Car, Truck or SUV qualifies for coverage?

olive covers most vehicle brands including luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW. We cover both new vehicles and used vehicles up to 10 model years or 225,000 kilometres. See coverage options for your vehicle in 90 seconds or less, 100% online. 

Is there a mileage restriction with olive coverage plans?

Yes, however, unlike other plans that max out at 120,000 or even 160,000 kilometres, with olive, you can start coverage up to 10-model years and 225,000 kilometres into your vehicle’s life. Then, olive covers you another 3 years to 300,000 kilometres or 14-model years, whichever comes first. That’s comprehensive coverage for every adventure!

Does olive require an inspection in order to activate my policy?

No inspection is required! Your coverage becomes active the day after you sign up. Click today. Covered tomorrow.

What is covered and not covered?

Our plans cover an extensive list of components ranging from every single lubricated part of your engine to your vehicle’s electrical components. See what’s covered within your plan here

Can you show me a sample contract for my Car, Truck, or SUV?
What if my vehicle has a pre-existing condition?

We are sorry to say that olive can’t cover pre-existing conditions, whether known or unknown. Even though they’re not covered, we are happy to help coordinate the repair and you can benefit from our pre-negotiated rates. 

How likely is it that my car will break down and I will need to file a claim?

Automotive breakdowns are 50x more likely to occur than a car accident. And as vehicles continue to get more complex, the likelihood of a costly auto repair down the road increases. 

Is my olive coverage plan transferable?

Yes. olive plans are transferrable which can lead to an increase in your vehicle’s value when you sell it. Transfer your coverage or choose to end your plan!

When you’re ready for a new vehicle, the dealership isn’t your only option for covering your vehicle. olive can protect your new ride, saving you money. olive provides coverage for your new car interest-free for a 5-year or 7-year term.

Where am I covered by olive coverage plans?

You’re covered anywhere within Canada and the continental United States, so go ahead and plan that big road trip. We’ll be your coverage co-pilot every step of the way! 

Why olive? what are the best reasons to buy an olive coverage plan?

Can you put a price on peace of mind? olive lets you relax knowing you’re protected against unexpected auto repair bills. You deserve peace of mind knowing your wallet is protected so you have the freedom to choose how you spend your hardearned money. Drive with confidence knowing olive has your back. 

If I purchase an olive coverage plan now and change my mind, can I get my money back?

Through our month-to-month subscription, we’re here to earn your business every single month. That means if you change your mind, you’re welcome to end your subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription, please log on to your olive grove account or contact Customer Service at 833-654-8322.

The coverage olive arranges excludes any pre-existing conditions or modifications whether known or unknown prior to your coverage starting.